Adobe Flash Ransomware ?

Another cyber attack outbreak in this recent years from WannaCry Ransomware and Petya Ransomware causing millions of dollar loss to huge companies.

Here we go again, another type of Ransomware attacks called "Bad Rabbit" which mimic the Adobe Flash player updates installation that will caught unaware victims. On the early stages of the attack, it still not detected as Malware from the Scan

Luckily Antivirus Provider's take quick actions on classifying this type of file as Malware/Trojan.

Example of the attacks ? So far as per my readings, there are no specifics Exploits as previous attacks.

It's using the old school method by spreading them via E-Mail or as a popup on probably "injected" and compromised sites.

Few twitter posts that have important example and infos regarding this new Ransomware :

So far most reported attacks of "Bad Rabbit" are from Ukraine and Russia but US officials also reported there are worldwide cases for this attacks.

Stay safe guys.