Updating Driver in EsXi Vmware

First download your desired driver at Vmware .

Login to your VMware host via vSphere client, then set your host into maintanence mode. (Right click and set to maintanence mode)

Make sure you have enabled SSH service for your EsXi host.

Now you can proceed to upload the downloaded driver to the EsXi host.

I would prefer to upload it via scp, as below :
scp (name_of_zip_file) [email protected](ip_of_the_host):/tmp

p/s : i would prefer it uploaded to /tmp directory as after reboot the file will be gone.

Then you can proceed to login to your host via SSH :

go to /tmp directory, then extract the zip file.
unzip (name_of_zip_file)

Next , we proceed to install the driver (the driver should be in .vib format)
esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/name_of_vib_file

It will bring output as below : Eg,


To check whether it successfully installed you can run below command : Eg
esxcli software vib list | grep megaraid

It will bring you output as below :


Now you can proceed to reboot the server, and the driver should be successfully installed :D